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These are some of our courses:

Subconscious Automatic Motor Programs and Unintentional Firearm Discharges

One of our most requested courses deals with unintentional discharges. This is an in-depth course that studies the known causes of unintentional discharges. We examine real-world cases and training studies. This course goes way beyond the 4 Cardinal rules and looks at subconscious errors, stress, and all the underlying factors that can contribute to an unintentional discharge. We have taught this course around the USA and abroad. You may think you know but until you have had this course you really have no idea.  The civilian course runs 3 hours, the LE course runs 4 hours and the instructor level course is 8 hours and includes live fire drills. We are currently the only outlet for this type of training but we are working hard to educate operators and trainers world wide. If current firearms training was sufficient, we wouldn't see Police officers accidentally shooting things with such startling regularity. The status quo isnt working - this course can change that.



Basic Handgun

Our basic handgun course doesn't focus on creating target or competition shooters. This course is designed to teach the average person how to be a competent and responsible armed civilian and how to win in a life-threatening encounter. We give you the tools necessary to choose the right weapon and carry system; to understand what it means to engage in a fight for your life; and how to develop the weapon skills you need to Prevail. This course is 3-5 days depending on class size and skill level. 

Basic Rifle/Carbine

This course teaches basic skills for shoulder-fired, semi-auto weapons. You will learn basic function and use as well as the proper application in a life threatening encounter. Like all of our courses, this goal is to become a competent and responsible shooter that is capable of Prevailing against a violent assault. For LE this is an operator level Patrol Carbine course. 

Precision Rifle 1

This is an advanced course designed to teach basic precision rifle skills. This 40 hour course teaches precision rifle skills that will allow you to make acurate shots at long distances. For LE this course qualifies as the Sniper level 1 course.

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